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Simply put, a domain name is your website name. Our domain name is and yours will more than likely be A registered domain is the most essential part of setting up your website – its like the foundation that you would build a house on so without a domain (website address) you cannot have a website.

Registering the right domain name can be hard to do as most of the relevant industry specific domain names have all been taken. There are also many domain extensions to choose from ie: .com, .net, .org and Don't stress, well talk you through the whole process and find the most effective domain that will work best for you.

Transfer a Domain

If you have an existing web domain that you would like to transfer to our secure servers, you can do so by requesting a call back from one of our consultants who will handle your transfer from start to finish taking the hassle out of the whole process for you. 

Premium Domains

Premium domains are website addresses that refer directly to the products and services that you provide rather than the name of your company. They are internationally sought after domain names which are globally visible on extensions like .COM

If your company was called '1234' and your main website was – it would be hard for potential clients who have never done business with you to search for you unless they know to Google '1234' or type in '' – realistically though, we know this is not going to happen. In a case like this a premium domain name can close the gap between your company name and the products and services that you provide eg: ''

Whilst really useful and extremely sought after by those who know and understand the value of owning a premium domain, like shooting stars they too are rare and most of the good ones are gone. While we can't promise anything, there's no harm done in checking availability for your industry.

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